Rest In Peace
The Piper Downs
August 1994 - August 2015
Bobby Ellen Garner Yell
The Piper Downs were born in Richmond, Virginia to Bobby Bognar, Garner Knutson, and Yell. After moving their beloved band to Los Angeles, The Piper Downs were joined by drummer Ellen McGuyer. Now complete,  The Piper Downs spent the next 21 years travelling the United States and the world, spreading joy, sweat, and sweet music.

Preceded in death by most in the Los Angeles pop/punk scene, The Piper Downs were laid to rest on Saturday, August 29th at their favorite pub in Los Angeles. Hundreds showed up to celebrate the life of The Piper Downs, along with special guests from their past.
Musical prelude delivered by The Andersons and Michael Denvir

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In Loving Memory